My dream for animals is that they will be treated with dignity and respect. “My Dream for Animals” was created because billions of animals throughout the world today are deprived of these basic needs. We, as humans, are meant to coexist with other living beings with whom we share the planet. It is upon us not to exploit them.


There is an ever-increasing and awe-inspiring awareness that animals share our capacity for a deep and wide range of emotions. This awareness in and of itself is a call for responsible action on our part to protect them. This increased awareness also gives us an opportunity to make conscious choices on their behalf. Their treatment and welfare are in our hands.


However difficult, we need to educate ourselves about the inhumane practices that are currently in use. Our everyday choices significantly impact the lives and well being of countless animals across the globe.


“My Dream for Animals” will profile people and organizations that are doing tremendous work on behalf of animals, as well as showcase the magnificence, beauty and intelligence of the animal world. I hope to generate ideas and questions and to engage in conversations about the things we can do together to effect change. My ultimate wish is to help illuminate a pathway, through conscious action and awareness, that will give animals the voice and respect they deserve.

Nickolay Stanev/Shutterstock