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Ask the Cincinnati Zoo to let their Gorillas go to a Sanctuary

On May 28th, the Cincinnati Zoo shot dead a 17-year-old Gorilla named Harambe. This was after a parent lost track of their child and he jumped into the Gorilla’s enclosure. Harambe held the child, appearing to protect him from the screams of the humans. But that was not enough as zoo staff shot him.

Mississippi leaders: Don’t Use BP Restoration Dollars for a Dolphin Prison!

BP’s deepwater drilling disaster in 2010 had a huge impact on dolphins – killing them, making them sick, and even keeping them from having healthy calves for years after the spill. But instead of helping restore dolphin habitat and populations, Mississippi is planning on spending $17 million in restoration funds to build an aquarium on the coast. Even worse? This aquarium plans on putting captive dolphins on display! The Governor’s plan makes BP’s dolphin disaster even more tragic.

A Big “NO” to Captive Dolphins in Arizona!

Dolphinaris and its parent company – Ventura Entertainment – are moving forward with a new captive facility in Scottsdale – a suburb of Phoenix – in Arizona that will house dolphins for human entertainment.

Paul S. Wolf/Shutterstock