Suzi Eszterhas

Suzi Eszterhas

Suzi Eszterhas

Suzi Eszterhas is an award-winning wildlife photographer best known for her work documenting newborn animals and family life in the wild. Having lived in a bush camp in Africa for three years and photographed wild animals on all seven continents, Suzi has accumulated scores of adventure stories during her prolific career. She has hugged a baby whale, swam with sloths, fended off curious grizzly bears, had hyenas chew on her engine, had insects lay eggs in her feet, was chased by a green mamba, and hand-raised and released an orphaned serval.

Suzi’s photographs have been published in over 100 magazine cover and feature stories in publications such as TIME, Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, GEO, Popular Photography, Ranger Rick, and National Geographic Kids. As an author, Suzi has ten books in print with another four in progress. Her books have been featured on and

Recognized as a conservationist in her own right, Suzi is a patron of the Sumatran Orangutan Society and actively supports the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Wildlife Conservation Network, International Rhino Foundation, TigerTime (David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation), Kibale Chimpanzee Project, Center for Animal Protection and Education, and other organizations.

Suzi shares her knowledge and exclusive access to incredible locations in her wildlife photography tours.

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Mother and two-month-old baby Hoffman’s two-toed-sloth enjoying life back in the wild after being rehabilitated and released by the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica. They were rescued by the Sanctuary after their tree was chopped down by loggers.

Bison cow and calf playing in Yellowstone National Park, MT

A three-week-old elephant calf being encouraged to move by its mother in the Masai Mara Conservancy, Kenya

Bat-eared fox father with two-week-old pup in den in the Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

Three-month old triplet brown bear cubs climbing on mother’s back as she cools off in water in Katmai National Park, AK

One-year-old infant mountain gorilla riding on mother’s back in the Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda

Cheyne Flanagan, Hospital Supervisor, with an injured male koala at Koala Hospital, Port Macquerie, Australia. The koala was rescued after being hit by a car.

Caretaker with an infant Bornean orangutan at bath time at the Orangutan Foundation International’s Orangutan Care Center, Borneo, Indonesia

Twelve-day-old orphaned baby Chinese pangolin sleeping in the hands of a pangolin researcher at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. The baby, named Gung-wu, is the offspring of parents rescued from poachers.

Male Chimpanzee sitting on buttress of tree in a Tropical forest, Western Uganda.

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