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Austin Farm Sanctuary

Austin Farm Sanctuary

Name and location:

Austin Farm Sanctuary. Just East of Weird (Cedar Creek), Texas

What animals do you have in your sanctuary?

There are 65+ full time residents at the sanctuary consisting of cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, goats and a tortoise.

How did you get started with your sanctuary? What led/inspired you to open one?

Love fuels the sanctuary and love started the sanctuary. We (Angela and Chris, co-founders) and our 4 dogs closed on our first home in 2016 in South Austin. One week after moving in we rescued our first farm animal residents, Bertha and Cookie, a mother/daughter pair. Not long after we rescued Doya the Pig, and that’s when the party really started. Our dream had been realized and our passion ignited. We began rescuing more animals and building our sanctuary family.
In 2018 we moved to Cedar Creek, TX in order to create more space for our current residents and prepare for future rescues. A LOT has gone into Austin Farm Sanctuary in the last few years and we are incredibly overwhelmed by the support that’s allowed our dreams to flourish. We love growing our farm family and encourage you to donate, volunteer and/or visit to support these amazing animals.

What is your dream for animals?

My dream for animals is that one day they will all be seen as equal. We hold many animals in high regard (dogs, elephants) while others go unconsidered (cows, pigs). I hope that one day the value of an animal’s life will not be based on how the animal can serve humans (as companion animals or food), but instead regarded as equal in their sentience and desire for care, safety and security.