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Animals and Language

Animals and Language

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

The first step in respecting animals and being kind to them is through our speech. It is amazing how common and ingrained their mistreatment is in our everyday language, slang and vernacular. The list is endless but here are a bunch of words and phrases that come to mind…

  • treated like an animal
  • worked like a dog
  • what an ass
  • what a cow
  • scapegoat
  • stop being catty
  • what a pig
  • kill two birds with one stone
  • sick as a dog
  • chickened out
  • I’m not a guinea pig
  • bullshit
  • stop monkeying around
  • blind as a bat
  • what a weasel
  • fat pig
  • ratted me out
  • what an animal
  • running like a chicken without a head
  • bully
  • stop badgering me
  • bird brain
  • vermin
  • a sitting duck
  • stop horsing around
  • ape shit
  • what a snake
  • don’t be a chicken
  • bat shit crazy
  • stop bugging me
  • acting like an animal

Let’s start changing how we refer to animals in conversation. Proper treatment and respect starts with our words.

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